Erwin Park, Mountain Biking, McKinney Texas 4/2007

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  1. hookem2255 says:

    Get off your seat man!!!!

  2. skippypastel says:

    YOU are the rude one MR. MTH!! It seems you wouldn’t give your riding buddies a hand job after a great ride!! NOT NICE SIR!! NOT NICE!!!!

  3. mth1492 says:

    wow dude ur a dick head!!

  4. skippypastel says:

    Ok man,.. i DEFINITELY want to ride you with YOU GUYS… DEFINITELY.

  5. williab2 says:

    Yes!….We actually did give each other reach arounds. Thanks for asking!!

  6. skippypastel says:

    Did ya’ll do handjobs on each other after that ride?

  7. williab2 says:

    Black Grape. Singer from the Happy Monday’s. Go get some!

  8. atheatergod says:

    can’t wait to try it. Also interested in the music. Who is it?

  9. naughty00e says:

    Thank you. My best freind wasted my mtb, so I haven’t been to this trail in a couple years. I look forward to new bike when penny jar is full. This video shows the action, but its hard to show the feeling of the trees and obstacles brushing your bars or hands and scaring you at speed. Good luck. Dorba dot orghas texas trail info.

  10. mmjj2007 says:

    went camping there

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